How to download Minecraft for Linux without an internet connection on that linux computer?

I have 2 computers. One is an old Windows machine. The other is a modern Linux machine.

I want to play Minecraft on my Linux machine.

Unfortunately, the Linux machine does not have any way of connecting to the Internet.

When I go to, and login, and click [download], and click [show all platforms] I see a list of launchers for Minecraft. But I need more than the launcher. I need the launcher and all the MC files.

How can I download Minecraft using one operating system and transfer those files to a different OS?

(I’m only asking about the minecraft stuff, such as valid file locations, here. Mounting discs or linux commands are not part of this question!)


Follow these steps:

  • Download the .jar version of Minecraft from the website
  • Force update Minecraft on your Windows Machine and login
  • Press Ctrl+r and type %appdata% and copy your .minecraft folder
  • Put it on a USB and insert the USB into your Linux Machine
  • Copy the .minecraft folder to ~/.minecraft in your Linux machine
  • Login as usual and click "Play Offline"

You will have the following Issues:

  1. Generally Linux doesn’t have java per-installed and you will need Internet connection
  2. You cannot play online

You should just get a Ethernet cable and tether internet off of your windows machine. Or do as uncovery said and get cheap network cards connect them.

Source : Link , Question Author : DanBeale , Answer Author : GoodPie

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