How to download non-DRM version of game from Steam to run in WINE?

I just purchased a turn-based game which is only supported on Windows (it’s Cogmind, if relevant). Since I’m on macOS, the game won’t download when I click “Install Game…”:

An error occurred while updating Cogmind: Invalid platform

While this game doesn’t officially support my operating system, its community has figured out a way to run it through Wine. Also, it’s worth-noting that running the game this way is actually encouraged by the developer.

Is it possible to download the non-DRM version of the game with the Steam client?


No, you cannot.

Steam is a DRM enforcing client. It doesn’t provide a version of software that is not DRM restricted.

However, you can install Steam on WINE itself. It will then detect it is on a “Windows platform” and install the game.

Source : Link , Question Author : nalzok , Answer Author : Nelson

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