How to effectively use the saw to open deposit boxes and doors?

I’ve recently unlocked the OVE9000 saw to use and I’m having trouble opening doors and deposit boxes with it. Opening ATM’s seems easy.

Is there a trick to opening doors and deposit boxes? Does aiming at the ‘lock’ make any difference? On a good try I can get maybe 2-3 boxes open before the blade runs out, and on a bad day, I’ve used a whole blade just to get one box open.

I do not have the Portable Saw Ace, so am stuck, for the meantime, with regular blades; so how I use those blade is paramount to the effectiveness of the saw.


The tips I can give you is to bring 2 bags of ammo along with you aswell for the bank job.
Also don’t place an ammo bag to soon because with the low effectiveness of the saw you are surely going to need it the 2 ammo bags to get through all the lockboxes.
Edit: Taking ammo from the ammo bag also refills your blades.

Just set them up and keep on sawing, the saw system is also abit lacking in that you have to aim it correctly to actually open the boxes. You need to aim at the right hand side of the boxes and use the saw like you would use an automatic gun, you need to burst fire. Because any additional hits against anything (in the air you don’t lose your ‘ammo’) will take away the ‘ammo’ for the saw.

Source : Link , Question Author : David Yell , Answer Author : Lyrion

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