How to enable auto-login for my Guild Wars account?

How can I log in to my Guild Wars Account automatically when I launch the Game Client?


You have to add some command line arguments to Gw.exe when you start the game up.

The two that you need to add are -email, -character, and -password. Have a look at this link for more complete details:

From the link:

Instead of using the command line, you can execute switches directly from your Guild Wars shortcut:
1. Right click on your Guild Wars shortcut and select ‘Properties’.
2. In the ‘Target Area’ field you will see the location of your Guild Wars executable file:
“<…>\Guild Wars\Gw.exe”
3. Write the desired command line arguments after the quote marks, each beginning with a space:
“<…>\Guild Wars\Gw.exe” -perf -windowed

Source : Link , Question Author : fschl , Answer Author : jjnguy

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