How to find a player’s redstone clock (or other aggressive circuitry)?

I’m an admin for a minecraft server where I suspect one of the players has set up a fast cycle redstone circuit. The reason is the server uses what seems to me to be too high of cpu for only one or two players logged in, and lately there always seems to be a bit of lag.

I’ve found where he had built one before and he said that he wouldn’t build one again, but knowing him, it’s likely that he build one similar and not “exactly” like before.

So, are there any good ways to find where there is a redstone circuit like that, or better, is there a bukkit plugin that I can use to globally disable such circuits?


Just to be clear, I’m not an op, I’m the full blown server admin (I pay for the VPS) lol. It’s a windows server 2008 rc2 server so I have access to all files. It’s currently running bukkit so that’s why I would like to know about bukkit plugins that would make my life easier.

I did search for bukkit plugins but I couldn’t find any “official” ones, which is why I asked for other unreleased or beta plugins. =)


There is now a Bukkit mod for detecting and teleporting to redstone clocks: the sensibly-named Redstone Clock Detector.

Source : Link , Question Author : Ken , Answer Author : SevenSidedDie

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