How to find magma in Dwarf Fortress

What’s a good way to find magma in Dwarf Fortress v0.31.08 (or thereabouts)? (Preferably without cheating.) I know if I dig straight down I’ll eventually find some, but I usually wind up breaking into an underground cave with unfriendly creatures and I’d like to avoid that. Also, I’d like it to be a little closer to the surface so I don’t have to build some kind of insanely large pump stack to move the magma up to a useful level.

Should magma like this be available on most maps or is it highly dependent on embark location? Should I look 20 levels down and dig a grid? 40 levels?


Look for a volcano on the embark map – in ASCII mode it’s represented by red caret character.

Source : Link , Question Author : JavadocMD , Answer Author : chalup

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