How to find RPG games in my steam library?

So this might sound stupid, but I’ve kinda lost the overview over all the games I have on steam, which now becomes a problem, since I don’t know how to find games I actually want to play.

I want to find a few turn-based RPG games that are made to look like 8-bit-games, like Call of Cthulhu, Breath of Fire VII or the old Final Fantasy games. Do you have any advice on how to efficiently search my steam library for games like that?


First use your browser, not the Steam client, to log into the Steam Store. Then use this Steam Store search to find all the games that are tagged with RPG, Turn-Based, and Retro. All the games that are in your library will be marked with blue boxes like in the following picture:

Steam Store Screenshot

Now in the Steam client you can set an appropriate category or categories for each of these games like Ragnagord suggested. You’ll have to this manually, but you can put the Steam client and your browser side by side to make this easier. You also won’t have to do all 800+ games at once.

Source : Link , Question Author : MoritzLost , Answer Author : Community

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