How to fix “Steam unable to sync” error?

I have a steam version of torchlight 2, and this started happening when I installed and then removed some mods. Each time I’m starting torchlight I’m greeted by the following message:


After this games start as usual. I would like to have cloud sync enabled. I tried disabling and the re-enabling it, I tried backing up the save files and removing them, these did not help. Reinstalling Torchlight 2 did not help either.

Is there any way to fix this and keep the cloud sync?


Here’s a great way to fix this without nuking Steam. My downloaded Steam Cloud files got out of whack.

In my case, I quit Steam, I found my Steam Cloud save folder on my PC for the game in question, and nuked it. Then I relaunched Steam and relaunched the game. It fetched fresh data from Steam Cloud and then synchronization worked again.

I used SteamDB to find the AppID for my game, then deleted that folder in the following path.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\[MY STEAM USERID]\[APP ID]

Problem solved!

Source : Link , Question Author : Andrew Savinykh , Answer Author : Ben Kreeger

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