How to force all spawner mobs to spawn on one platform?

I want to make a mob drop trap with spawners in the Nether, and as it’s the Nether I can’t use water, so I want to have them spawn on one platform which retracts with pistons every so often. I tried to cover the area around the platform with cobblestone slabs, but the mobs were just spawning on the slabs. How do I make sure they spawn on that platform only (with the least amount of blocks)?

I recreated the platform with the spawners in a superflat world, the gold blocks represent the platform where the mobs should spawn:

the platform and spawners seen from above


To prevent Blazes spawning around the platform, you can do a few things:

  • Fill the area around with blocks, or

  • Fill the ground and adjacent walls with torches. Place them everywhere, on each block you can, except the platform and it’s close surroundings

I’d recommend doing something in between – encasing the spawner and platform, and fill the area outside of the box with torches.

Good luck!

Source : Link , Question Author : QunSyBer , Answer Author : user143228

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