How to generate an empty world in Minecraft?

Is it possible to hack level.dat to make world generate new chunks with nothing but air blocks?

Or is there any tool to create such world?

Is it possible to give that world file to someone with vanilla Minecraft, and newly generated chunks will be without blocks too?


Mystcraft is a mod that includes many different world generation features including a Void Age which is exactly what you describe. If you aren’t partial against cheating then the notebook obtainable via the Creative Mode inventory will have all the different symbols available already learnt so that you can custom build whatever type of age you like.

The only other way is to use a map editing tool such as MCEdit to create a blank map, however this is limited to what you pre-generate as there’s no way to make Minecraft generate blank chunks by default.

Source : Link , Question Author : Andrew Isaev , Answer Author : Matthew Scharley

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