How to get my dwarves to kill a (were-)dwarf

A werebeast infected one of my dwarves before they killed it, and I want my remaining dwarves to kill the infected dwarf, who is causing more damage than the original werebeast did.

But it seems that my dwarves are just being interrupted by and then killed by, but otherwise ignoring the were-dwarf-beast.

How can I make them kill him (it)?

Note that I am not asking for how can I kill a dwarf. There are plenty of ways like water and magma. I want my dwarves to take the issue in their hands, with a military solution, or a sheriff, or whatever they can do.


Command a squad of well-equipped military dwarves to move to the werebeast’s location, he will attack them and be slain. To issue a move order, hit s to open the squad menu, choose a squad, hit m to choose the move order, move the cursor to the werebeast and hit Enter.

Source : Link , Question Author : Envite , Answer Author : kotekzot

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