How to get rid of wanted tag?

How can I get rid of the wanted tag? When I try and leave the station the security just destroys the ship straight away. I don’t have anything in my cargo. Is there a timer before it goes away?


This information is out of date as of version 1.3 of the game.

No, there is no timer. If you are Wanted you will have a bounty on your head. To clear the “wanted” tag you must pay the bounty.

You can do this by docking at any space station and going to Contacts -> Pilot’s Federation. If you are currently docked, this is easy. If you are in space then if you will not be allowed to dock with a station that is controlled by the faction that you are wanted with (and they will shoot at you too). In this case you will need to fly to a station belonging to somebody else to pay the fine.

NB Information based on gamma test; may not apply to release version.

Source : Link , Question Author : Tim H UK , Answer Author : Flyto

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