How to help Triss finish what she has to do in Novigrad?

I am in the middle of the Brother’s in arm quest, and tried to recruit Triss. Talking with her, she said she has to finish something first. Now the quest marker is on Triss and the quest description is that I should help her finish what she has to do. Yet I cannot seem to progress a new quest line. I can ask her about her hand, though this is related to a previous quest in the Witch hunter’s lair.

Is this quest bugged? Or do I have to get the relevant quest some other way?


To fix these issues you can use the console.

If you are stuck at the “Brothers In Arms” quest with Triss, open console and type in the following “below” in this order. It will start a quest that is missing from your game. The quest to find Philippa Eilhart “Redania’s Most Wanted”. After you complete that quest and turn it in to Radovid, it will trigger “Now or Never, and so on. You game is back on track and fixed.


Reason the quest gets bugged. After you find Whoreson and complete the quest, you must leave the area through the gate. If you do not, it will not trigger the mission “Redania’s Most Wanted” and so on.

There is a mod that lets people fast travel from anywhere and this is what causes the issue for most people. They fast travel out of Whoresons house instead of passing through the gate which of course a ruins a huge chunk of the game.

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