How to improve Binding of Isaac performance?

I cannot go past level 3/4 because when I enter in rooms full of monsters the game start lagging a lot and controls do not respond at all or with a huge delay.

My configuration is not actually bad: Phenom X3 720 3Ghz + ATI 6850 HD + 4GB RAM

Do you have any idea how can I improve the performance of this game (that it is Flash based if I undestood well)? At the moment it is unplayable and very frustrating after first two levels.

UPDATE: I hoped that with DLC they took some times to optimize the code but unfortunately the problem is still there.


I saw this from another forum. The lag is akin to “walk on ice”, so you will still move to a direction a few milliseconds after having released the directional button.

There is one setting in the graphic options that will solve that. Set the details to “Low”. That is it, no more lag. It is probably related to flash overall poor performances. It changes the game from unplayable to “omg its soooo good”.

Source : Link , Question Author : Drake , Answer Author : Eric

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