How to line up the pieces at the coast near the shipwreck?

In The Witness, I was walking along the coast, and I came upon this:

A beautiful seaside picture

Now, since I’ve learned

that mazes can be embedded in the environment,

I see the puzzle here, but I just can’t get the pieces to line up well enough. Standing on the couch and walking all around it doesn’t seem to get me a

functional maze.

Where do I need to stand to activate the puzzle successfully?


When you stand in front of the couch, the pieces will line up to make the path.

Solution with missing chunk

This is the correct position; however the starting-circle has a rectangular gap, and a large chunk of the path is missing…


There is something orange and movable that can fill in the gap.


Set the boat off on its own, then run back and wait for it to pass by.

Puzzle solution

Source : Link , Question Author : Keen , Answer Author : BlueRaja – Danny Pflughoeft

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