How to play a mage in Skyrim?

I am not a guru in these kind of games and I’m trying to play as a Mage. At level 6 I have an imperial guard buddy that helps and I kill most things easily enough with fire or firebolt. Some things are just too tough. Ice Wolves, for example. They just lay into me and I’m dead before I can do enough damage.

I had a hard time with a Draugr Dreadlord. He killed me and my buddy about a million times. Eventually I got my buddy out of there by paralysing the Dreadlord and then ran to the entrance. Luckily he started hacking on the ghost at the dungeon entrance and I killed him with fire from behind a statue while he did that.

Anyway I’m looking for tips to kite the enemy like in WOW, other ways to get the mobs off me while I regenerate mana etc. Basically I need another trick apart from “kill it with fire”.


Keep moving. Sprint away, jump on a ledge, go behind pillars, chairs, tables. Let your magicka regenerate, turn around and do some more damage to the enemy, sprint away, and whittle em down.

Also try and use traps that are in the dungeon on enemies, not only will they inflict damage on you but others as well.

I recommend taking the horse carriage to the Mages College at Winterhold, so you can get some good magic gear and improved spells.

Source : Link , Question Author : justinhj , Answer Author : Kredns

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