How to prevent snail poo?

When a station grows large enough, beaming snail poo into the recycler becomes a tedious full-time job, since the scuzzers don’t care about it. Letting it sit on the floor is not an option, since the floor gets quite littered then. So I’m asking for either a:

  • strategy to prevent snails from pooing, preferably without turning them unhappy
  • modification to the sandbox files that turn it off
  • modification which decreases the snail visitor count


Alright, I ended up making snails rather unhappy by modifying the files moods in00.txt and moods out00.txt (I actually don’t know what the difference between these two is) in missions\00. These files define most of the influences to your station visitors, defined in many tables. E.g. there is a table MOOD_AT_BIRTH, defining which species starts with which values. I changed the (gem slug) line to start with a 5000 instead of 10000, making gem slugs half as happy from the start. I also made sure that they are a bit more picky about encountering salt hogs (MCWP_SALT_HOG) and don’t enjoy anything but their “personal” buildings (MOOD_INC_SLUG_BAR and I think their monument is somewhere too). Modify this to your desires, I just made the snails even more aristocratic while still allowing them to achieve happiness if I really want them to.

Also, in build_changers.txt, there are two quite suggestive Variables,


the exact behaviour of which I couldn’t decipher. But I guess by using correct values here, one could leave the slugs happy while having them not pooping too much…

Source : Link , Question Author : Zommuter , Answer Author : Zommuter

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