How to start a cart from inside it?

I’ve still fairly new to Minecraft but absolutely love it. I’m learning about the carts and have a nice track setup with several powered rails but is there a way I can start a cart while already inside? I’ve read about ways to make stations and choose tracks with buttons but I’d like to a) get in the cart, then push something to activate travel and b) have stops along my track that will by off by default, and if those aren’t my final destination, I could press something to keep going.

What are the best solutions/alternatives?


This is a variation on @KevinY’s answer; with the major difference being the stations:

The design for the end station is fairly well defined, and mostly invariant:

Any minecart end station

When it comes to stations in the middle of the track, however; there are two basic approaches; @KevinY’s proposal, a rise station; and the similar but distinct dip station:

A minecart dip station

Which station you choose can vary on a number of factors; they both perform the same task, and both do it well, but the dip station has a couple of convenient attributes:

  • When using only one button, access to this button is somewhat easier to achieve with a dip station.

  • Dip stations in tunnels require no extra headroom when compared to rise stations.

  • Dip stations do not require detector rails

  • While there is a risk of getting turned around due to high speed; the risk of completely overshooting the station is smaller than with the rise station as proposed by Kevin. (This may or may not be what you want).

Source : Link , Question Author : BotskoNet , Answer Author : Williham Totland

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