How to store items safely?

In Skyrim and previous Fallout games, you needed a home to store your findings permanently.

Is this still the same in Fallout 4? And when will the first spot come in the main story line?


The Workshop is a secure location to store items (the workshop in Sanctuary is available immediately upon exiting the vault). Actual items (ie: not junk) stored in your workshop store will not be broken down automatically during construction of other structures.

Generic containers can also be used for storage as they do not appear to be reset after a period of time (like previous Fallout games and other games using Fallout 4’s game engine like Skyrim) – I’ve had a set of containers (filing cabinets) that I placed next to my Workshop in Sanctuary and I’ve been storing Power Armor components in one and holodiscs in the other – so far these have not reset (over a period of three weeks of game world time).

Source : Link , Question Author : codepleb , Answer Author : kalina

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