How to trade Power between Cities?

I just started with this quite old game. I have a rather good working city and wanted to export garbage to the neighbouring city. This worked fine. Then I wanted to import Electricity from the neighbouring city. This didn’t work at all.

Here’s what I did:
Build a road to the edge. Build a power line to the edge. Go to the other city, built three power plants and give them full money and build garbage places, connect everything with streets and lines. Go back to the main city. I can export garbage. Fine. But I can not import Power. Not fine.

My city went to ruin because I had no money left and I destroyed the power plants because I thought that importing only works when I have no power plants.

Can someone please give me a detailed explanation on how to trade electricity between cities?


Lets call the city that buys Power as BuyerCity and the city that Sells power as seller City.
Here are the things to note before initiating a power deal.

  1. Make sure BuyerCity and SellerCity are neighbours!
  2. Build Power plants in SellerCity.
  3. Build power lines to SimNation(edge of map towards the buyer city) in SellerCity.
  4. In BuyerCity you should see some power lines towards edge of map to SellerCity.(Do not demolish these. This represents the connection to the other city.)
  5. BuyerCity must have enough cash on hand to pay for the power. (Possibly need enough cash to fund the deal for a year)
  6. BuyerCity must need power. Check the power graph. (Possibly has a deficit or a surplus of less than 1000 MW)
  7. Go to budget panel and click on it to get budget overview. Here you can now initiate a power deal with the SellerCity by clicking on Neighbour Deals(In the reds section).

Hope this helps.

Source : Link , Question Author : Foo Bar , Answer Author : Aaron Kurtzhals

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