How to upgrade Torbjorn’s turret?

How to upgrade Torbjorn’s turret ?

According to the turret’s wikia page,

Turrets require 100 Scrap to level up.

But there is no explanation of how to do it. I tried to place an other turret with Shift, but it replacing the actual turret by an other level 1 turret.


Pull out your hammer (default 2 key for PCs) and whack your turret a few times. A progress circle should show up on your HUD around the turret icon and after 5 strikes on a fully built level 1 turret, it will be upgraded to level 2.

Be aware that any hammer strikes on the turret while it is damaged will repair the turret and not upgrade it.

Additionally, level 2 turrets automatically upgrade to level 3 while Molten Core is active. Placing a new turret during Molten Core will not upgrade it instantly to level 3, but once you hit it enough times to upgrade to level 2, it will turn to level 3 for the remainder of Molten Core.

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