I am about to die in lava. How might I save my inventory?

I’m playing the Minecraft Feed the Beast modpack.

During a lengthy mining session, I made a dumb mistake and fell into lava (not for the first time).

I rage-quit the game before I died, and now I would like to know if there is any way of rescuing my inventory.

I know about the /gamerule command, but I won’t have enough time to enter it before I die. I also do not have a bucket of water with me.

Is there a way to disable item drop on death without being ingame? I would prefer if I do not have to use external tools.


One option is to use MCEdit to load up the world you were playing in and move your character out of the lava. You will still die from the burning when you log back in, but your items will not fall in the lava, so you will be able to pick them back up.

Even better, as Robotnik suggested, you could move yourself into water to put the fire out.

Source : Link , Question Author : Ranayna , Answer Author : SaintWacko

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