I can’t make Fallout 4 work

When I go to load my copy of Fallout 4 on my Xbox One it goes to the “please stand by” screen and then it loads for 1-2 minutes and then crashes. I am very confused and I can’t find anyone else with the same problem. Note that I got the game new with a free copy of Fallout 3, so no mods. Another factor that could be that it’s a new Xbox One S. Also don’t direct me to xbox.com I’ve tried it and I didn’t get the answer. Also note it’s completely downloaded from the disk and there is no DLC or special edition or anything unusual.


I had a similar issue just the other day, resolved mine by refreshing the dashboard.

Head to the dashboard, Hold RT + LT and press Y.

Source : Link , Question Author : Koderator , Answer Author : Dave Scott

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