I gave up on this Minesweeper board. Is there a correct move that makes this solveable with certainty?

I have stared at this board for way too long and can’t figure out how to move on.

Minesweeper board

As far as I can tell, the main problem is the bottom part with the double stacked ‘4’. It seems to me that I have multiple possible solutions there that would all work out, so I can’t decide for certainty which one is the correct one.


I’ve been looking at this for several minutes, and I can’t figure out any safe move to do.

I feel the only solution left is to guess, and the less dangerous move should be here:


That 2 already has an adjacent mine, so those 5 tiles in the green L-reversed shape only hide a single mine. This means that you, more or less, have 80% chance to do a safe move and get an empty slot. Hopefully, with another hint to let you progress.

I’ll probably avoid the left-most tile, since you should have 50-50 chance to hit the mine there.

PS: Still stuck?

Edit after OP comment:
Another possible move is to choose one of the white tiles on the right, and since we don’t know how many mines were remaining, let’s use the default numbers:

30×16 grid is the Expert one with 99 mines, this means 480 tiles for 99 mines;
Resulting in 20.625% of the tiles hide a mine.

Which is pretty much the same chance of choosing a tile from the area highlighted in the above image.

Source : Link , Question Author : wizard003 , Answer Author : pinckerman

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