I imprisoned my wife: if I exile her, will we be still married?

Since my wife had the annoying habit of murdering my spymasters, I’ve decided it was time for her to experience the dungeons.

Now I’ve noticed I’ve basically four options:

  • execute her
  • exile her
  • release her
  • do nothing

Considering she hasn’t great stats and does’t bring any alliance, I think getting rid of her might be the best idea… so, how do I do that?

I.e., if I just execute her, will I get some weird penalty? If I exile her, will we still count as married? Other options?


  • it was a righteous imprisonment
  • we are both cathar
  • I’m 51, IIRC
  • I might also be a lover with her, and with another courtier (I don’t remember this exactly, but if someone points out this is important, I’ll give an update)



The marriage lasts until death do you part. So either you encourage the death part, or if you are good friends with the Pope (or your preferred religious head), you can ask for him to annul the marriage … however since you are Cathar, that is not an option.

This is a historically correct depiction of royal marriages in medieval Europe. Lots of regents lived apart from their wives for various reasons. To put it in in-game terms, the good Henry VIII of England installed an anti-pope, because the Catholic Pope wouldn’t grant him more divorces.

However, a spouse in exile should lower her plot power, and definitely the fertility rate. (I have no exact numbers, please educate me). Since she is also your lover (sigh), I guess there is still the chance of producing babies, however.

Note, that while she is imprisoned, she can’t participate in any plots.

As a sidenote, if she’s such a fantastic schemer, and she likes killing of your spymasters … why don’t you install her? Obviously she wants the job. 🙂

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