If I want to focus on magic, can I ignore weapons entirely?

I usually like playing mages, but in Skyrim you can choose to diversify between any number of combinations of weapons or spells. Is it a good idea to go all-out with just investing in magicka without regard for weapon training?

My concern is that magicka will not be powerful enough as the game progresses to use alone, and will require a combination of magicka and weapon training.


Magic is pretty diverse. Need to kill a bandit? Shoot fire from your hands. Enemy immune to fire? Shoot lighting or ice. Mobbed by a pack of wolves? Charm or frenzy them. Archers hitting you hard? Shield or conjure armor and regenerate health. Need to escape? chameleon or invisibility and paralyze.

But what if you’re facing a breton with dragonskin and some kind of crazy 90% magic resist buff? Well, summon up a skeletal warroir, go chameleon, and heal your summon, while it wails on the poor breton who probably skimped on physical armor to get such awesome magic armor.

In short, you don’t have to diversify your skills outside of magicka to have a diverse set of combat options.

Source : Link , Question Author : Resorath , Answer Author : Arkive

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