I’m 2 to 3 hours into The Witcher 3 and drowners are impossible to kill. What am I doing wrong?

I figure that I am doing something wrong, because most of the Drowners that I find take nearly zero damage from my sword, and the only way to kill them is to dodge until Igni reloads. Is that normal? Maybe I’m doing something wrong. The game isn’t as fun because of that


You’re likely using the wrong sword. Geralt carries two swords, one is made of steel and the other is made of silver. The steel sword is for human enemies and beasts, while the silver sword is used for fighting monsters.

Your Witcher will automatically draw the correct sword for an engagement, but you can overwrite that by manually drawing your sword before moving into combat range. You may also be switching to the wrong sword because you perhaps think it’s better than the one he unsheathed.

Lastly, check both your game difficulty and the monster bestiary to see if you can make combat easier for yourself by both lowering the difficulty and by using oils, poisons, and other consumables before the fight.

Source : Link , Question Author : andrerpena , Answer Author : PausePause

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