I’m addicted to drugs: what will delay the withdrawal?

In order to give the town a sliver of a chance to survive one more night, I was forced to take two steroids in one day and now I’m hooked! Which drugs can I take each day to stave off my inevitable death? Does it have to be steroids or will any drug work? For instance, will water purification tablets work? (I’m guessing no.)


Drugs that can be taken to prevent death from withdrawal

  • Twinoid
  • Betapropine
  • Steroids
  • Unlabelled drug
  • Valium
  • Hydratone
  • Paracetoid

In general, you should try to stick to the drugs that are less useful to others. Unlabelled drugs are good because anyone else that takes them is likely to get addicted. Same with Betapropine. Paracetoid might be a good option if your town has lots and nobody is getting infected. Hydratone is a good option if you’re thirsty and aren’t going to drink. Valium is generally not useful until the end, but its quite important then. And Twinoid and Steroids should be last resorts unless you need the AP from them anyways.

Source : Link , Question Author : JavadocMD , Answer Author : bwarner

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