I’m having trouble killing Letho near the end of the first chapter. How do I do it?

The following is somewhat of a spoiler, to avoid it being shown in the question excerpt, I’m filling the space with useless boilerplate.

I’m near the end of the first chapter and I’m now facing Letho, the kingslayer and witcher. And I’m getting my ass kicked thoroughly and completely. I haven’t even been able to hurt Letho in the short time I’m staying alive.

He shields himself with Quen and just blocks every single attack I make. Then he blasts me with Aard, throws a poison grenade at me, or incinerates me with Igni. I really haven’t been able to make any dent into his health bar, he just blocks every attack. And I can’t keep up Quen as fast as he damages me.

Any tips on how to kill that bastard? I’m not kidding when I say that I see no way of surviving that fight at the moment.

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Push Letho away with Aard, immediately follow that with strong or fast attacks for approximately 2-3 hits, repeat the process until you run out of Vigor; when that happens, run away. If Letho puts Quen up, set a Yrden in front of you to tear it away and buy you some breathing room. Don’t attack Letho up close unless you’re absolutely sure you want to, and make sure you parry and attack only when he isn’t. If you can stun him by parrying, excellent, but only parry when you’re just about to be hit by one of his blows. Also, make sure you’re using the Steel sword, as it’s more effective against humans. You can also set up a few traps quickly if you wish, and ALWAYS dodge to the right just before the battle begins, so Geralt can shift away from Letho’s Aard if that’s his first move.

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