I’m not powerful enough to continue the main quest(s). What can I do?

It’s seems I’ve hit a bump: Every time I try to battle something I die. I couldn’t go to High Hrothgar because I couldn’t beat the troll. So I figured I’d become a Stormcloak and head over to Windhelm and maybe level up on my journey there. So I leave Ivarstead, die to a bear, and end up fast traveling to Whiterun. I start off on the trail leading to Windhelm and die to a Frostbite Spider.

I’m a level 6 Breton. I have light armor and I am focused on 1H weps (mainly sword) and destruction magic (and a little alteration, but not til later in the game). Am I just advancing in the story line to quickly, or do I have a bad character build?


Bears are tough. A few tips: try upgrading your equipment if you have smithing, and either dual-wield swords (if that’s your weapon of choice) and attack with both (both mouse buttons simultaneously on PD) or use a sword and a shield.

It’s possible that it’s just too early to do what you’re trying to do. Level up a bit further before trying to progress the main storyline. Do a few side quests, get better weapons and armor, get a few perks in light armor and one-handed weapons.

Don’t forget to bring potions!

Source : Link , Question Author : Jonny , Answer Author : Dan

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