In Batman: Arkham Asylum, who is the prisoner in the room where Warden Sharpe is caged?

In Batman: Arkham Asylum in the Cell Block room when you rescue Warden Sharpe (And receive the security hacker) there is a prisoner caged in a red straight jacket.

He can’t be scanned, doesn’t say anything (but makes a strange breathing sound) and seems to be more detailed than other thugs.

Who is this prisoner and does he represent anything?


He is the winner of the “A life in Arkham” (or “Your face in Arkham”, not sure) contest from Gamestop, where the first prize was to have your face in the game:

Pre-order a copy of Batman: Arkham
Asylum in any GameStop store between
September 8th and October 15th, and
you could win a chance to be
immortalized inside the infamous
Arkham Asylum. One lucky winner will
have his or her face and likeness
created as an in-game character,
locked inside of Arkham Asylum for the
rest of their days.

So he’s not a known villain, only a player integrated in the game. This explains also why he seems more detailled, he is made from actual photos (of the face, at least).

I can’t find correct sources for this, only a few posts on some forums, because the original GameStop page is not valid anymore.

Source : Link , Question Author : Alastair Pitts , Answer Author : Gnoupi

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