In Civilization 5, how may turns are there for each Game Pace setting?

I’m about to start a new game, and I’m using the Advanced Setup to customize the game a little. Does anyone know the number of turns for each of the 4 Game Pace settings to get to 2050?

  • Marathon = ?
  • Epic = ?
  • Standard = 500 turns
  • Quick = ?

Or is it not that simple?

More generally, is there a detailed guide anywhere to what all the settings on the Advanced Setup screen affect? Some have explanatory tooltips but some don’t!


CIV5GameSpeeds.xml has all the information about what the different game speeds do. Adding up the number of turns for each speed gives us:

  • Marathon = 1500 turns
  • Epic = 750 turns
  • Standard = 500 turns
  • Quick = 330 turns

You can also disable time victory, in which case there is an unlimited number of turns. I’m not aware of a guide to all the advanced setup options. Most of them I think affect the random generation of the world. If you have questions about a specific one, feel free to create another question.

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