In Unity, How to Stop Popup for “Show Unity Splashscreen”

I’m just now learning how to use Unity to mess around in SteamVR. Every time I press the play button to test out my scene, I get this annoying popup. The tutorial I’m following doesn’t have this problem. How can I get the popup to go away for good? I always “Accept” it and it tells me “I made the right choice” but then it just comes back next time. And… it pops up randomly as well…

Show Unity Splashscreen Popup


Go to Assets/SteamVR/Editor/SteamVR_Settings.cs and change recommended_ShowUnitySplashScreen to true. You’ll have to do this each time you update the SteamVR Unity Asset, until they fix it to check which edition you’re using.

Source : Link , Question Author : CodeMonkey , Answer Author : Alex May

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