Increase population with Radio Station / Advantage over pregnancy?

How do these Radio Stations work exactly? I built one and assigned a Dweller with 10 Charisma to it. There was a timer of 2 hours or so and I expected after this time a new Dweller to appear in front of my Vault. But nothing. So I assigned another Dweller but the timer did not decrease. I upgraded the Radio Station – it said it would increase the chances. After the timer ended: Nothing.

So is it really that with 2 Dwellers locked away for 2 hours in a full upgraded Radio Station there only has a chance of attracting a new Dweller? This seems like a big waste, since I can produce as many new Dwellers as I have female Dwellers and it only takes a few minutes until a women gets pregnant. Is there any advantage in using the Radio Station instead?


In addition to what’s already been mentioned, it is possible to be both pregnant and working in the radio studio. Other comparisons:

  • Pregnant women cannot defend against fire, radroaches, or raiders, so if you have 50% of your vault pregnant, you are very vulnerable.
  • Children consume resources while they are growing up without contributing to the vault. Having fourteen kids around will drain you dry. Dwellers attracted by the radio are ready to work as soon as they arrive.
  • In true Bethesda style, I don’t think children can be killed, which means that a bad raider attack could leave you with a vault of just kids, fun.

Source : Link , Question Author : udondan , Answer Author : Community

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