Input lag when in third person

I have seen this asked multiple times all over the internet but haven’t found a proper answer to this yet.

Whenever I’m in third person view I experience major input lag on character movement, i.e., whenever I use WASD or my 360 controller’s control stick it takes about 0.5 seconds for my character to actually move. However, in first person the character responds instantly.

What I have tried:

  • Valve’s tips on input lag
  • Disable V-Sync (iPresentInterval=0)
  • Uninstall all mods
  • Delete .ini files (reset to default)
  • Install proper keyboard driver
  • Unplug controller (still lag using keyboard)
  • Unplug keyboard (still lag using controller)

Other actions still respond instantly, including jumping, opening the menu or interacting with actors. It’s really just the movement keys.

I haven’t played Skyrim since 1.2 but I can’t remember ever having issues with this. Same hardware as back then, too (GTX 570, i5-2500K).

Any solutions to this problem? Could this even be intentional?

Edit: So, after some getting used to, the delay feels sort of normal and is tolerable. Considering that this only affects the movement keys, I’m really starting to think this is intentional and has always been there, possibly to avoid choppy animation. Still, if anyone has found a way to remove the delay I’d be very thankful.

Edit#2: Just a quick repost of what I wrote in a comment to The Nerger’s answer:
I contacted the SKSE devs about it, thinking it would be a code issue. This was their response:

I haven’t investigated the issue, but my first guess would be that
player movement, especially in third person, is driven by animation.
The animation system passes the expected movement for each movement
back to the physics and gameplay code, leading to the player moving
around. So that the player looks less stupid in third-person view,
there’s some acceleration when starting to move.

Fixing this would be a data-side fix rather than a code-side fix.

Not sure if this helps but it would be nice to hear from some experienced modders about this issue.


Check video card drivers. Try checking Windows mouse and keyboard settings for irregularities. Reinstalling keyboard/mouse drivers. Trying a different keyboard or mouse.
Finally DirectX 8 might be responsible.
DirectX 8 source –
Other Information Source –

Source : Link , Question Author : Opossum , Answer Author : torchhound

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