IntelliJ does not recognize PATH variable

I recently tried to import an existing Gradle project, using the option “Open Project” in the startup window and the existing build.gradle file to automatically set-up the project.

Right after I did this, an error message appeared in IntelliJ, saying:

Could not fetch model of type ‘BasicIdeaProject’ using Gradle installation ‘/Users/myUser/Tools/gradle-1.3’.
Build file ‘/Users/myUser/IdeaProjects/myProject/database/build.gradle’ line: 20
A problem occurred evaluating project ‘:database’.
A problem occurred evaluating project ‘:database’.
‘play’ command was not found in PATH.
Make sure you have Play Framework 2.0 installed and in your path

As it looks like, IntelliJ complains that I did not add the play framework to my PATH variable. Although output from the shell tells sth. else:

echo $PATH; 

I also wrote a simple class to display the PATH variable used by IntelliJ:

public class Playground {

    public static void main(String[] args) {

        System.out.println( System.getenv( "PATH" ));

When I run this class, it gives me following output:


As it looks like, IntelliJ completely ignore the PATH variable set in the shell. So I’d like to know how to manipulate/configure IntelliJ to recognise this PATH variable?

The shell I am using is zsh.

Thanks in advance


Check this post: The problem is that IDEA doesn’t read your .zshrc file and doesn’t know about path to play. Try to set PATH variable manually in IDEA settings.

Source : Link , Question Author : u6f6o , Answer Author : Mikita Belahlazau

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