Intellij Maven Repository self signed certificate, ssl error

In intellij (15.0.4) under settings->Maven->Repositories I get an error when clicking update on the companies repositories.

org.apache.maven.wagon.TransferFailedException: PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target

I can understand, since it is a self-signed untrusted certificate, however, I have added this certificate to
settings->Tools->Server Certificates->Accepted Certificates.

I also added to settings->Maven->Runner->VM Options
-Dmaven.wagon.http.ssl.allowall=true -Dmaven.wagon.http.ssl.insecure=true

I still get this problem.

Greatful for a solution.


Update both Maven Importer and Runner in settings to allow all.

-Dmaven.wagon.http.ssl.insecure=true -Dmaven.wagon.http.ssl.allowall=true


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Source : Link , Question Author : Benno , Answer Author : Buru

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