Is a half-staffed foresters lodge just as efficient per worker as a fully staffed one?

If I have a forester’s lodge with half his circle of influence covered by my city (or by mountains, water, etc) can I just staff it with 2/4 people and be confident that I’m getting the same output per worker as a fully staffed forester’s lodge with no obstructions in it’s circle of influence?

If the answer generalizes to gatherers/herbalist/hunters please note that as well.



The first experiment was flawed (though the numbers were correct) foresters were not working in full grown forest. This next experiment is done few years later in a fully developed forest. Again – each experiment starts from the same savegame. Each number is averaged of 4 runs.

Full circle
 4 workers: 261 logs/year | 65 logs/person/year
 2 workers: 135 logs/year | 67 logs/person/year
 1 worker:  75 logs/year  | 75 logs/person/year

Half circle*
 4 workers: 157 logs/year | 39 logs/person/year
 2 workers: 121 logs/yea  | 60 logs/person/year
 1 worker:  58 logs/year  | 58 logs/person/year

* – only half of the circle was available for forestry other half was filled with pastures and fields:

Picture of Experiment

Source : Link , Question Author : Philip , Answer Author : izeed

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