Is a horse actually faster than running?

I’m pretty disappointed with my horse. He wasn’t cheap — 1000g — but he just doesn’t seem that fast. To make things worse, he’s a bit of a wolf magnet and every time I get attacked I have to tediously dismount, blast the wolf, and then remount.

Is the speed of a horse actually significantly faster than normal running speed? If so, how much faster?


Not only is the horse faster (not even considering their higher base stamina — Horses can sprint much longer than a stamina-light Dohvakiin!), but they can be ridden while encumbered.

So if two Dovahkiin (Dovahki?) were to race across a flat plain, one on a horse and the other on foot, the horse-bound hero would win every time. Horses are marginally faster

So what about when you’re not traveling in a straight line?

Turns out, the horse will still win, as, despite their cumbersome turning, horses flaunt a blatant disregard for physics that can quickly turn into an incredible timesaving path.

Consider: When you’re on foot, you must run around any mountains in your path.

Horses, on the other hand, have no qualms with running straight up the mountainous slopes.

Image credit to Emperorr of Reddit.

Source : Link , Question Author : David Fullerton , Answer Author : Wrigglenite

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