Is hunting required in Red Dead Redemption 2?

I would like to know if you are required in RDR2 to hunt or otherwise kill animals in order to sustain yourself or to progress through the storyline.

I would love to buy the game to explore its huge open world, which is more of a reason for me to play than to achieve the game’s real objective.

But then, while it does not bother me too much having to kill adversaries in a game, I think having to kill an animal would ruin it for me.


All (or at least, much) of the crafting requires skins/pelts from animals (in particular, inventory expansions). Someone who has played more than me could tell you if you can buy these from traders in the game, but my experience so far has been that there’s a fair amount of hunting required. You also need to supply the camp with food and the ‘normal’ way to do that is via hunting though in theory I think you can just give the camp $$ to take care of that.

Source : Link , Question Author : tigrefurry , Answer Author : Pete Smith

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