Is it a bad idea to take drugs?

In Skyrim there are a few drugs and alcoholic beverages and I couldn’t really figure out whether or not there are big disadvantages.
I always rely on my own potions because I’m not sure about the side effects of those things.

Can you get addicted by certain drugs (let’s say Skooma) or can the game be unplayable due to a blurry screen? Or does it even reduce skill levels and/or other important things at some points? What are the advantages/disadvantages of drinking alcohol and taking drugs in Skyrim?


Every drug-like potion, alcoholic food item, etc. will describe it’s behaviour fully in the effects list in your inventory; there is no addiction mechanism, and there are no penalties beyond what is listed (usually just a penalty to stamina regeneration). In fact, Skooma, described in-universe as highly addictive, doesn’t even have that!

Source : Link , Question Author : Jutschge , Answer Author : Billy Mailman

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