Is it at all possible to install Portal 2 purely from retail DVD?

Does anyone know if it is at all possible to install Portal 2 purely from retail DVD? I purchased my copy just yesterday and after going to about 4% the installer has now begun hogging my bandwidth by pulling the remaining 96% from Steam (online).

I am hoping and praying that someone can advise how to install 96% of the game from disk and have Steam only download the remaining 4% – if at all that’s possible. I’ve looked on the Steam forums too, but there seem to be numerous similar complaints.

It just beats the purpose of having a dedicated retail disk for install – which by the way is 5.6 gigs in size – and I would imagine it to contain most (if not all) of the file needed to complete a Portal 2 Steam-less installation.

Update– I’m running Win 7 x64. Here’s a screenshot of the contents of the DVD. The Resources folder only contains various language versions of steam installer (English, Thai and Chinese). What’s the deal with all those Portal2_disk1_x.sid files?
Screenshot of Portal 2 DVD contents

Update 2 – Just wanted to let everyone know that the download has completed after 14 long hours and the game works just fine!


Go into Steam and select Steam -> Backup and Restore Games.... In the Backup and Restore dialog, select the Restore radio box and click next. Then browse to the root of the CD. It should say it found a backup for Portal 2. Click next, and it should install the majority of the game.

Note that I haven’t tried this and offer no guarantees that it will work better than what you’ve tried already.

Source : Link , Question Author : kpax , Answer Author : MBraedley

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