Is it even worth picking up weapons in the campaign?

I’ve been through the first couple of chapters of the campaign, while constantly picking up and trying out any weapon dropped by enemies. So far, I haven’t found a single weapon that was noticeably better than the ones I started with. In fact, most were distinctly worse.

So I ask to the members who have already finished the campaign: were there moments in the game were you picked up a weapon that was undoubtedly better than your original one? Was there a pickup, at any point, that made you glad you were picking up everything? Or should I just give up trying out every new weapon I find?


I don’t pick up a second weapon beacuse its better then my first. I grab weapons so I can build an arsenal to deal with any situation.

For instance, if I’m doing a sniper mission the first thing I will do is replace my sidearm with the first shotgun, smg, or assult rifle I found. Carrying multiple guns gives you the versatility to always have the appropriate gun for the appropriate situation.

Finally, don’t forget that its faster to switch weapons then it is to reload. Carrying a second gun you enjoy can make your charge 2x more awesome!

Hope this helps

Source : Link , Question Author : Malabarba , Answer Author : Aardvark

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