Is it faster to wield light-weight weapons?

For example, Glass Bows are the best damage inflicting light-weight weapons. Daedric bows do a lot more damage, but they are much heavier. Does it take more time to get a Daedric bow ready to shoot, than it does with a Glass one? Can I do more strikes in a given time period with a Glass greatsword than a Daedric one? I would test this, but I’m only on Lvl 15 so these weapons are hard to come by right now…

EDIT: I forgot to mention. I’m playing Laedon, a wood-elf sneak archer who wears light armor and lives with 0 scruples. Loves to steal, and is okay with killing for money. 😉


As far as I’ve researched (via wiki’s) and tested in game, there is no difference, it is more based on the class of weapon (sword / axe / mace ) than the material structure of the weapon in question.

The materials basically give attributes that make the weapon stronger (coupled with your growing skill progression to use that weapon type).

Speed does not change.

For bows, however, there is a slight difference in draw speed based on the weight. Lighter weapons will shoot more arrows in the same amount of time.

Source : Link , Question Author : Aditya M P , Answer Author : Resorath

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