Is it normal to fight players with lots of legendaries?

It frustrates me that whenever I go to play, it seems like 80% of my opponents have legendaries like Kel’Thuzad, Ysera or Ragnaros.

They all have those, and I’m just here sitting with my basic cards.

Is it normal for unevenly matched players to be… well, matched up so frequently?

The game’s great but this is frustrating and might be a deal-breaker for me. And no, I’m not willing to shell out cash… yet.

Fun update :
Fast forwarding 7 months from a newbie to now, I’m now a consistent Rank 8-10 player with a bunch of legendaries! (6ish from packs, 2 crafted, and all Naxx and BRM legendaries)


My guess is that you are playing unranked. The problem is that unranked is where high level players go to test out new decks, so you tend to fight a lot of unbalanced matches. You will probably have more success playing low level ranked once you unlock it.

Source : Link , Question Author : Zaenille , Answer Author : Lawton

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