Is it possible to add sockets to items?

One rather frequent outcome of item enchanting in Torchlight 1 used to be, especially in the late game, adding sockets to items.

My previous weapon, the Extension Sword (highlights: 452-838 dps physical + 285-556 dps between fire and poison, -9% fumble chance, +20% fire damage, 2 meh enchantments) had a socket that was very well spent with my Eye of Gallo (93 health stolen on hit; hit multiple enemies, gain 93 health multiple times!)

The weapon sadly got superseded by my Beast Hammer of Clouded Vision (562-1055 physical, 90% interrupt chance, 10% blinding cloud), which unfortunately has no sockets.

Can I fix this somehow? I really started to rely on the combined effects of Forcefield (damage absorption) and health steal as a cheap and safe way to heal myself, but the days seem over now. I can still go back to the previous gun, except the general poison theme of Act 3 means giving up half of the elemental damage on that Extension Sword and… yeah, I’d just be happier with rescuing the gem and cramming it on the Hammer somehow. Is it possible?


There are three ways to add sockets:

  1. The Transmuter will take one unsocketed item + 2 gems of equal or greater level (to the unsocketed item) to consume the gems and place a socket on the item (even magic or enchanted items).
  2. There is a small chance for an enchanter to add a socket to an item when asked to enchant it. This will use up one of the limited number of enchants for the item.
  3. There is also a wandering enchanter, Jurick the Socketer, who is guaranteed to add sockets when asked to enchant an item, up to a maximum of two sockets.

The location of Jurick is random. Jurick can spawn at any of the following locations:

Source : Link , Question Author : badp , Answer Author : Lemmings19

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