Is it possible to complete all loyalty missions and save Kelly?

I’m playing through Mass Effect 2 again, and I’ve never figured out how to get everyone out of the suicide mission alive. The Collectors always raid the Normandy when I’ve got one loyalty mission left to do (usually Legion’s).

If I don’t leave immediately after that, I arrive too late to save Kelly. But if I don’t have all the loyalty missions completed, one of the team ends up dead. Is this a sadistic choice, like the Kaidan/Ashley thing from the first game, or is there a way to make sure everyone survives, including Kelly?


Yes, it’s possible. You need to finish all loyalty missions (except for Legion’s) before going to the derelict Reaper. After getting back from the derelict Reaper, you are allowed time for exactly one mission before the Collectors invade Normandy (which should be Legion’s loyalty mission). Once they’ve been removed from the ship, you must go directly to the Omega Relay if you want to save all of your crew.

Source : Link , Question Author : Mason Wheeler , Answer Author : Adeese

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