Is it possible to delete useless links on friendly portals?

I’ve come across portals with a lot of links that don’t provide much benefit as far as creating a field go, and the portal was maxed out for link capacity (8 inbound and 8 outbound max links allowed). Is it possible to delete some of the useless links to that the portal can be linked elsewhere?

I’m assuming not since I can’t find a way to, and I imagine this would cause issues for AP since people could just destroy and recreate links to keep getting the same AP bonuses over and over again. But I thought I’d ask just in case.


There is no way to destroy own faction link, field or resonator (yet).

You can let the resonators decay, this will only takes 9 days if nobody recharges or attacks the portal and it will destroy all existing links.

Source : Link , Question Author : mmrobins , Answer Author : BanditoBunny

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