Is it possible to disarm or remotely trigger Runes?

So, part of being an effective thief is being able to disarm or circumvent various automated defense mechanisms. Y’know, traps.

Tripwires are easy, and the kind that are wired up to doors aren’t much tougher, assuming the wire’s on the side of the door I’m on. Pressure Plates are easily handled with the appropriate Sneak perk, and they can also be triggered via telekinesis or other means of placing objects with weight on them.

But the Magickal traps, specifically those glowing runes on the ground… those confound me. I’ve found nothing better to do than to throw up some defenses, and take a burst of (often very LOUD) magick to the face, which is… unpleasant and inelegant.

There has to be a better way? Is there some sort of Dispel Magic that I haven’t found? Is there some other trick to disarming rune spells perhaps?


You can use a ward (lesser ward is easy) and walk over it. It won’t go off as long as your magic doesn’t run out just as you’re walking over it.

Source : Link , Question Author : LessPop_MoreFizz , Answer Author : agent86

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