Is it possible to download a previous version of minecraft_server.jar?

I am trying to set up a Tekkit-like server (+ some different mods). Most mods are not 1.4.2-compatible, yet, so the server runs 1.3.2. I can use MCNostalgia to downgrade the client, but is there any way to downgrade the server or download an old version?

Answer has all the Minecraft versions since the Beta 1.8 prereleases and until 1.5.2 inclusive.

To get the needed version of minecraft_server.jar, you replace the dots in the version name to underscores and download, for example, /1_3_2/minecraft_server.jar.

You can also get the exe server and the client there. For example:


Since Minecraft 1.6 (and the release of a new launcher) the downloads have been moved to Examples:


Source : Link , Question Author : JJJollyjim , Answer Author : BlaXpirit

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